Who is Dr. Greg?

Dr. Greg Martinez, DVM

Dr GregVeterinary medicine has been a great job and passion for thirty plus years. I really love helping pet owners keep their loved ones healthy and happy. Veterinary care has become very expensive, and many pet owners have a hard time finding the money to treat medical problems. I’ve found that a healthier diet can really help pet owners avoid common medical problems and may even cure them. Skin problems, ear infections, bowel issues, obesity, seizures, and bladder issues, can often be treated by changing the type of ingredients, calories, or moisture in the diet. The simple act of adding fish oil may make the coat softer, the skin healthier and repel fleas. Simple practical advice like that has resulted in much healthier patients. Healthier patients require much less veterinary care, medication and cost less! That’s why I wrote Dog Dish Diet and Feed Your pet to Avoid the Vet and Dr. Greg’s 11 Practical Home Remedies. Dog Dish Diet and Feed Your Pet to Avoid the Vet teach pet owners how to choose commercial food, people food, or home cook to avoid allergies and keep their pets healthier. The free home remedy download may help you decide if temporary over-the-counter medication may help you treat a minor medical problem, saving you an expensive ER visit! Whether you need to save money, or you would like to try and cure chronic skin, ear, bowel, stomach, or other medical issues, better nutrition is less expensive then constant medication and repeated veterinary visits. My goal is to help you stay out of the veterinary hospital with simple, practical advice

Dr. Martinez has been married to Lonna Martinez for 32 years. While they have no children, at any given time they are parents to at least two dogs and three cats.Dr. Greg
He has been a member of Gilroy Rotary and has served on the Board of Directors of the Gilroy Chamber of Commerce. In 2000, he was selected Gilroy Chamber of Commerce Man Of The Year. Dr. Martinez now spends most of his time working, educating the public from his you tube channel Dr. Greg’s Veterinary Views  or spreading the word about how a better diet can make a dramatic difference in a pet’s life and health.

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