Aspirin for Limping and Painful Dogs

A limping dog is scary but you can often check a few things out to see if  it might be something you can deal with. It always helps to wet or wash the leg and foot first to get a clearer view of swelling, cuts, bumps, bruises, wounds, splinters, or foxtails. Washing or wetting down the leg makes all of those problems easier to see. joint aspirin

Always proceed with CAUTION: Any dog will bite if they feel pain. Use restraint and get help for everyone’s safety. Do not mess with a sore leg unless you know the dog’s temperament. Even “nice dogs” will bite when hurt.

Nails that have grown too long can catch on things and become cracked, red, infected, bruised, broken or painful. Check the nails for breaks and the nail bed for infection. Keep the nails trimmed to prevent problems

broken toenailThe toes can hide cuts, wounds, growths, or infections. A swollen toe may mean a sprain, a broken one,  or an infection from a wood splinter, nail or wire puncture, bite, or plant. You should clean up any wound or infection with warm water and mild dishwashing detergent.  Your dog may need treatment for painful or infected wounds.

Underneath the foot, around the pads, you may find a cut, wound, infection, or just really red skin. Red inflamed skin often results from allergies to grasses causing itching and chewing to the feet. Sometimes running on rocks or asphalt can bruise or blister the pads. Apply cortisone and Neosporin to soothe the itch and skin infection. It always helps to wash the foot and area around the pads.A sock, light bandage, or cone is helpful to keep dogs from chewing the area.cut pad

If the foot does not seem painful or involved, move up the leg to check for bumps, bruises, or swollen joints. If gently bending a joint causes discomfort, you may be dealing with a mild sprain or arthritis in the joint. Arthritis is really common in older dogs and may cause a bit of limping off and on when they over do it. Coming up lame after playing could mean a pulled muscle. Arthritis in the neck, spine, or hips will also cause limping that looks like it is coming from the foot or one of the legs.

If your dog is putting some weight on the leg, but limping a bit, it could be any of the common problems above. If your dog can’t support any weight, is extremely painful, and you can’t determine the cause of the discomfort, get it checked out. If you want to try and relieve a bit of the pain try a dose or two of aspirin.

Sometimes poodles, yorkies, maltese, lhasas, and other toy breeds will hike up a back leg because their kneecap is going in and out of place. The kneecap can rub on the joint and make it painful. In some dogs it is just the pressure of the kneecap in the wrong place that makes things feel different. Holding  their leg up relieves the pressure. Some dogs grow out of it. Others can be exercised to tighten up the knee joint. A few may need surgery to make things right.luxating-patella.img_assist_custom

For any of the above problems you can aspirin to help with pain and discomfort. The dose for dogs is 1 adult aspirin per 30 pounds twice daily or 1 baby aspirin per 10 pounds twice daily. If the situation gets worse or doesn’t improve in a day or two, get it diagnosed and treated. Do not use Tylenol or ibuprofen in dogs. Both can have side effects.

Dr Greg loves to give people common sense medical advice. His book, Dog Dish Diet has nutritional tips that will help you pick the right food and treats to help with hotspots, ear infections, fat dogs, and even seizures!

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86 Responses to Aspirin for Limping and Painful Dogs

  1. Dr Greg says:

    She could definitely be developing hip, back, or knee issues. Glucosamine/ chondroitin/ fish oil/ and aspirin may help.
    Fish oil caps 3 daily, Glucosamine/ chondroitin 1 twice daily, and Aspirin 325mg 1 pill per 60 pounds twice daily may help

  2. zaneta says:

    Our 6 year old female pit bull rescue seems to have possibly developed arthritis?? She is getting worse from what i see…. she was fine till the weather started getting warmer… I’m not 100% sure of it is arthritis but she has a hard time getting up now and yelps and whines here and there…. I’ve decided to ease her pain with 1 adult asperin as she weights 75lbs… i dont have too much money to take her to the vets and thinking of feeding her glucosamine for the remainder of her life as i heard that helps alot…. please let me know how to diagnose if this is in fact arthritis or something more serious… id really appreciate a response…. please email me back of possible at thank you very much, your time is much appreciated. It kills me to see her like this :(

  3. Dr Greg says:

    That dose is at the high end. I usually suggest 5mg per pound twice daily for a few days. I wrote this article a few years ago and it needs updating

  4. You can use aspirin at 5mg per pound twice daily

  5. M K says:

    took my pups to the beach today couple of days of that of town and they had a complete blast running around my older dog that 7 had the most fun it looked like chasing my 2 year old dog around everything seemed fine we are running around we ran up the stairs to get back to the main highway to where I live and everyone seemed ok a couple of hours later my older dog clever came out of the bedroom and was limping his back leg and he hasn’t been able to use it for the rest of the day he’s not whining but I can tell you the discomfort I follow the instructions above and there seems to be nothing in his foot at the very back of the foot that goes up to the leg before I get to the back of the butt seems to be discomfort for him and when I hold it he put his because it is I like he feels secure I also noticed that his back lower back seems swollen can you help me

  6. Sarah says:

    My 2 year old boxer has been limping and favoring her front right paw since we let her outside all day yesterday on the yard leash. Can I give her aspirin!? Please help!?

  7. isabella says:

    Thank you soo much doctor Greg!!! My 2 year old pit bull landed right on her right hind leg while fetching a ball I threw her. Her nail immediately rose up red with blood under it (as when you stub your toe) she immediately got up carrying her paw barely touching the ground. I picked her up and carried her inside she’s been off it ever since. I have iced it and brought some of the swelling down as well as a warm Epsom salt soak for as long as she’d let me. I was reluctant to give her aspirin just cuz I was unsure. Thank you for your advice! I’m sure she will be back to herself in no time. Will keep you posted!!!

  8. milos owner says:

    Hi my lab is 9 years is getting arthritis in his backhip he is about 100 lbs what can I give hime he seems sore when trying to get up.

  9. Megan says:

    I have a 120lb German Shepherd. He is not over weight, just big. He had been limping on his front leg the past couple days. I think he tweaked his ankle. He does put weight on it, but limps. Doesn’t look swollen. So can I safely give him 4 adult aspirin without it hurting him?

  10. Samantha says:

    I have a maltese that is about a yr and 1/2 old. She is probably between 10-12lbs now that she is full grown(we havent been to the vet for about 6 mo now). A couple of days ago she started limping and favoring her R hind leg. She does not whine or cry like she is in pain. She doe let me feel it and look at her pads, toes and joints. I have even stretched/bent her leg in/out a little to make sure there is no joint pain. She still does not whine or cry. I called her vet and they obviously want to see her for an -ray and all of that, which will get pricey and right now I dont have the money for all of that. Do you know of anything I can try at home? I dont think anything is broken or else she would be letting me know( she is kinda spoiled and a big baby) or atleast I feel that she would not let me touch it or mess with it at all. What do you suggest?

  11. william cornelius says:

    my dog started limping on one foot ,but now both feet seem.. to bother her. is there anything that I can do to help relieve the pain?

  12. Kelly says:

    I have a mixed breed Spitz ,she is a little overweight and is now limping around.She won’t straighten her paw out but she will let me rub it .she was out running the fence .Can she have a few aspirins.She weights about 50 lbs

  13. amanda says:

    Our cockerspaniel was fine then all sudden started to limb .it’s her front leg . Checked paws claws no cuts seem to be at the top of her leg . She she still climbing next day help

  14. Spencer says:

    My dog has a broken nail just like the dog with the black paw in the picture. I’m not entirely sure how I should be treating it?

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  16. Paula says:

    Hi my dog is 10 years old he is a yorkie mix Maltese and today I got home and he was in pain in his lower back he try to stand up for a little bet and felt down he is poop and pee but I want to know if I can give him baby aspirin 81mg and how many and how often he is not eating can I give him baby pedialyte and baby food please I need help I love my dog don’t like to see him like this

  17. Dr Greg says:

    Half of a baby aspirin twice a day for 3-4 days may help. Ice helps at the time of the injury, but heat is better afterwards

  18. KRISTI says:


  19. Dr Greg says:

    The swollen paw could be due to a puncture and infection or bruising or even a broken toe . One adult aspirin per thirty pounds and one half of a 25mg Benadryl may help will help with swelling and pain due to minor sprains. He may need antibiotics. If the paw becomes more swollen , painful, or has a wound, get it checked!

  20. Dr Greg says:

    One adult aspirin and one 25 mg Benadryl twice daily with help ease pain and relax him.

  21. Tony says:

    My dog is a rescue! He is an 80 lb pit . We love him to death!!! All vets are closed today! We need to deparatelly give hime something for pain! What can I give him? We are all so sad!

  22. thalia says:

    I have a 10 month old golden retriever, he’s limping, has a swollen paw, but has no open wound. What can I do??

  23. Dr Greg says:

    I would start with one baby aspirin daily then twice daily if needed for 3-4 days.I always try to use the least medicine I can to control discomfort!

  24. Ann says:

    I have a 15 year old lasoapso. She is 18 lbs. She broke her right rear leg when she was 2 years old. They had to set the leg wrap it in wire. Now that she is old. She has alot of discomfort with her leg. Can I give her aspirin? Baby aspirin or adult? If so how much and how often.

  25. Dr Greg says:

    One baby aspirin per 10 pounds twice daily may help him feel better.
    Want to feed your dogs human food?

  26. monica says:

    Hi, two nights ago I discovered a callous feeling bump on my Chihuahuas nose. He wasn’t fussing with it but yesterday he cried in discomfort everytime someone would touch his leg or try to pick him up. This morning it hurts him (his leg) to get out of bed.can I give him asprin until I take him to get checked out Saturday? Baby asprin?

  27. Dr Greg says:

    Aspirin will help, but she may have broken a metacarpal bones, or infection from the bite may be causing pain. The dose is 1adult aspirin per 30 pounds twice daily for a couple days. You may need to get a x ray or antibiotics for infection, if the foot looks swollen, is real painful, or has discharge.

  28. Jazmyn says:

    Hi, my dog was playing with one of my friends dogs last night, and it escalated into a fight. Before we could break it up, my dog was bit on her right front joint just above her paw. She is hopping around and won’t put any weight on it. I’ve iced it and tried to keep her off of it, but would asprain help as well?

  29. Dawn says:

    I have sister that has pitbull like 7 or 8 years old and gets a sore on the top of his back where his tail meets his back and on his tail is there anything that she could do or does that sound like a skin condition? Thanks

  30. Jenny says:

    She is putting weight even was trotting around the yard when my kids came home from school. Its still not normal but getting better. I will try the asprin.
    Thank you very much!

  31. Dr Greg says:

    As long as she is putting weight on it you can try aspirin. One adult aspirin 325 mg per thirty pounds. Ice is usually good within a few hours or when there is continued swelling. Sounds like a sprain. If there is continued pain, get it checked out.

  32. Jenny says:

    Last night my 8 month old Lab was playing at the top of the steps and fell down the steps. She wasnt putting any weight on it last night however this morning she is putting some weight on it. We have touched it and rub it, etc and she doesnt whine or anything. When I touch it it is warm and she does still favor it. She is a calmer this morning than normal Is it ok to give her mortin or asprin? Should I put ice on it? Could she have just sprained he leg?

  33. Dr Greg says:

    Robyn, I so glad the aspirin helped!

  34. Robyn says:

    Dr. Greg,
    My dog was slow to get up and we could tell he was in pain. Found your website and followed your directions to give him two aspirin per day and in two days, he was completely better and back to his happy self. Thanks for your good advice.

  35. Dr Greg says:

    One aspirin per thirty pounds twice daily. Your Lab can get two pills twice daily for three to four days. You can also soak the foot in warm water with epsom salt, rinse, and put antibiotic ointment on the injured toes…if you can. It is a painful area and most dogs hate it fooled with! Sometimes the break can be trimmed and soft claws put on the short toenail. If swollen or painful, get it checked!

  36. Leigh McInvaille says:

    Our lab has two broken toe nails on one foot. Is it safe to give her aspirin for the pain? Any other suggestions to help? Thanks.

  37. Dr Greg says:

    Hi Collette,

    Sounds like your young poodle may have strained his elbow. Give one adult aspirin twice daily for 3-4 days to see how he feels.
    Make sure and look at his pads to check his nails and inside his pads too for any redness or cuts. Good luck!

  38. Colette says:

    Dear Dr Greg. I have just stumbled across this site and have to say it looks great. We have a 2.5 year old standard poodle, Gabriel, who we take jogging with us. He loves it by the way. My husband took him out for his usual 6 mile run on Tuesday and yesterday we noticed him limping and holding up is front leg. We have checked him all over and have found he yelps when we touch his elbow joint. I think he could have just sprayed it and would like to give him some pain relief for a couple of days to see if he just needs to rest for a while. Will an apsrin be ok to give him and how many times a day for how long. He is 32kg and normally very healthy. He has gone off his food a little but still gets excited to go on a little walk. Thank you for your time.

  39. Maranda says:

    Thank you for taking time to answer.

  40. Dr Greg says:

    Hard to know without seeing him. Continue with the baby aspirin twice daily. Take his temperature and if it is above 103 he needs antibiotics. Could be a puled muscle, tumor, abscess, infection, or strain. Use one adult aspirin per 30 pounds twice daily

  41. Dr Greg says:

    Karen, Give her an adult aspirin 325mg twice daily and apply some cortisone ointment to the paw. She probably scraped or irritated it on something. Hot packs may help too!

  42. Maranda says:

    Dr Greg,

    I came home yesterday to my dog shivering like he was cold. He won’t get up and move much and it seems to me he has swelling on his hind part and up his left leg. When I try and move it he won’t let me it just seems like his pulling back on it. We gave him a baby asprin last night. He still has these symptoms this morning. Vet is closed and I do not have any money as well. Please help!

  43. Karen says:

    Dr. Greg- I hope you enjoy your Thanksgiving. I am certainly thankful for YOU this year and all your helpful advice.

  44. Karen says:

    Dr Greg,
    First of all, you’re amazing for doing this!
    My 4 year old Aussie mix starting limping really badly yesterday. Won’t put pressure on her front right paw at all. After a bit of struggling (she sure is strong when she wants to be) I was able to take a look at her paw and noticed that between 2 of her pads, it looks a bit raw and swollen. I poked around as much as she would let me, trimmed the fur as best I could, and am pretty sure there is nothing still in there. I put some antibiotic ointment on it as best I could and put the cone of shame on her to try to keep her from incessantly licking at it. She kept me up all night though. Had to go lay with her on the couch so she could sleep with her head on my lap (something she rarely does unless she’s feeling off). she sometimes wimpers when she shifts her weight or as to get up and move. Breaks my heart. It doesn’t feel hot to the touch and the rest of her leg doesn’t seem to give her any pain when I squeeze- just the pad. I don’t want it to get infected, or for her to be in pain. I’d take her to the vet, but I had to come to work and with the holiday tomorrow, it would be a fortune to take her to the emergency clinic. Should I take her in or is there somethings I can do? Thank you for your helpful words.

  45. Dr Greg says:

    Janett, Thanks for the kind words. Not everyone can afford a vet. If my advice helps someone and their pet, it is worth it!

  46. janette says:

    Just want to say, thank you, you are amazing for doing this. I don’t need advice, I’m taking my lab to the vet tomorrow because he is limping, but wanted to do a little research. I felt the need to tell you how generous you are.

  47. Dr Greg says:

    Sounds like he was hit by a car or got into a fight. Keep up the aspirin 2 tablets twice daily. Give him a pepcid 10mg for nausea. Force fed 1 jar baby food daily. Try a cup of milk,yogurt,cottage cheese daily. Treat wounds with peroxide and antibiotic ointment. Make sure he moves everyday and is warm.

  48. Cassie says:

    Hi Dr. Greg,

    Our 5 year old boxer likes to get out of the yard and wonder around the alley! We came home today and only our 1 year old boxer met us at the back door. Riley stuck his head out of their dog house but wasn’t moving very fast. I notice blood on his back right thigh and hip. It is a little swollen. In two places we can see wounds that are bloody. We don’t have the funds to take him to a vet. He won’t let us carry him or lift his leg. I gave him an aspirin but he is not wanting to eat or drink. What can I do for him at home to help him?

  49. Dr Greg says:

    Congratulations on your new baby! When he lays with the elbow or shoulder flexed it seems to hurt more. He probably sprained his wrist(carpus) or has a little arthritis in his elbow. Ice or a bandage generally doesn’t help at this stage. Try half of an adult aspirin twice daily for 5 days, then monitor it for two weeks. Usually takes 3-4 weeks for the sprain to heal. If still bugging him in that time, an x ray might show where the problem is.

  50. Nicole says:

    Dr. Greg,

    Our 5 year old pug has been limping for about 5 days without improvement. I have felt his front left leg everywhere, checked toes and nails and I can’t find anything. He doesn’t cry out in pain and he doesn’t wince when I touch him. He’s able to put weight on it when he goes outside for a bathroom break. He can jump on the couch. But after resting he can’t seem to put weight on it and holds his front left paw limply in the air. He’s not himself and seems depressed. It seems to me like a sprain, because I know when I’ve sprained something it hurts after rest but loosens up once I start moving.

    We’re expecting our first child and we’ve stopped allowing him to sleep in the bed with us, which could explain his depressed mood lately.

    I would really like to avoid going to the vet, Xray’s etc are just on in the budget right now with a new baby on the way. How long should a sprain or an injury like this take to heal before I should take him to the vet? Should I ice his leg/foot? Can I put some kind of a tensor bandage on it for when he goes out to do his business?

    Thanks for your help and insight.
    Nicole and Oscar

  51. Dr Greg says:

    I can’t diagnose without feeling around, but usually back or neck pain cause pain like that. Sounds like she was eating grass for nausea or pain. You could give her a pepcid 10 mg for nausea, a benadyl 1/2 pill to help her relax and sleep, and a baby aspirin for pain to see if it helps. Hope she sleeps OK

  52. Kelly says:

    I forgot to mention, my terrier mix was 2 when I got her from the pound. She is 4 now and was born with her left knee out of joint. Our vet says surgery really would not help, but she doesn’t act like this is the problem. She does have anal gland trouble, but the vet has taught me how to aspirate them. She did eat grass today, but this afternoon I made her homemade dog stew and she ate that and has been drinking and eating her dry food also. any ideas would be greatly appreciated. She doesn’t act right, do you think it maybe an upset stomach for some reason?

  53. Kelly says:

    Dr. Greg

    My terrier mix is in pain, but I can’t find where it is coming from. I have checked her all over and can’t find anything. She doesn’t look like she is limping, but just at random times she starts screaming for a few seconds like she is in pain. Any suggestions, the vet is closed until tomorrow. Thanks

  54. Dawn says:

    Is it safe to use garlic pills to help control or keep fleas away?

  55. Dr Greg says:

    Sounds like she has neck or back pain which is common for dachshunds. However the vomiting may be from pain or stomach upset. A pepcid 10 mg and a baby aspirin may help with the mild discomfort and nausea, but if signs worsen get her checked out!

  56. Tammy says:

    My 10 year old 12 lb dachshund woke up this morning yipping when she walked and when she was picked up or held in a different position. I have looked her over and can’t find a thing wrong. Her gait seems a little off. This afternoon she seemed much better and even went up and down the steps without so much as a yip. She did vomit this evening though. Can I give her aspirin for the pain even though she is vomiting?

  57. Dr Greg says:

    He can get that dosage of aspirin twice daily for 3-4 days. Hope that helps.
    A heating pad or heat to the back area may help two to three times daily . A warm bath or spa for 15-20 minutes helps with pain also. My nephews dogs love to get into the spa with him on occasion. You can sit with them in the tub or spa so they aren’t scared.
    What a life our dogs lead!

  58. tom manalio says:

    Dear Dr. Greg, My 13 yr. old Maltese mix (12.5 lbs) has had some problems with back and leg pain. He will limp and sometimes YELP, Ouch if you try to move him to a more comfortable place. It has been a continuous issue for a few years and he is under a Doctors care. Doctor has prescribed a steroid and valium once in awhile but I cannot reach her today. He’s having a hard time walking the past few days. otherwise he usually runs around like a very happy puppy. I have given him 2 (81mg) aspirins this morning. He was just groomed (very short) and seems as if he can’t handle the colder temps (shivering) and is reluctant to go outside unless I take him, he ususally uses his doggie door. Any suggestions? Thanks, tom

  59. Dr Greg says:

    He may have hurt his elbow or wrist and even though not fractured, it may bother him a bit. Dogs lick their leg due to mild pain or itch. It may not heal due to arthritis. Aspirin and glucosamine will help with the pain and may be needed. Aspirin could be used every other day for 2 week then give the body a rest for a week. There are other pain killers like Deramaxx and Rimadyl if needed. If he itches his paws or his body he could have hay fever too. Dry skin and allergies can also cause licking.What kind of dog is he? How old?

  60. matt says:

    my dog injured his leg two years ago and had a bad limp for about 6 months. It didn’t seem to hurt him much. We have given him xrays and the doctor claimed it was probably a joint problem. We do aspirin when needed and glucosomyne everyday. He seems to lick the inside of his front left leg between his elbow and paw when it bothers him and everyday just to lick it. His licking has never cause bleeding or sores. I claim it hasn’t healed all the way because he licks it but my dad claims it helps heal it or at least ease the pain. We seem to be doing the right thing as far as joint pain is concerned but should I be worried about the licking?

  61. Dr Greg says:

    She may have strained or torn the ACL ligament in her knee or “stifle”. She also could have pulled or strained a muscle, or have hip, or back problems. As long as she is acting OK and eating you can wait for your regular vet to feel around for the source of the pain. They may want to sedate him and take x-rays of the legs, hips, and back. You can give her 1-2 adult aspirins twice daily till Monday.

  62. Cassie says:

    Dr. Greg,
    We have a 9 year old lab-shepherd mix (medium sized and 40 lbs). 2 days ago she came in from the back yard with a limp in her back leg- we couldn’t tell if it was left or right but pretty sure it was the right. It went away the next day and now 2 days later, the same thing has happened. She ran out, happy and energetic as can be, and came back in with a much worse than last time’s limp and this tiime we’re pretty sure it’s the hind right. She let’s out loud cries too when she tries to lay down or get up. I want to take her to the vet, but it is Saturday night and I can’t afford the emergency vet, so I want to wait until Monday. By the way, she IS using the leg to scratch her face and jaw, but favors it, has difficulty walking and jumping on the couch. We checked her paws and saw nothing. Please help. :(

  63. Dawn says:

    Thank you very much..She’s doing way better swelling has gone down and she just looks like she is feeling better /*.*\ , we thank you very much for your time and help.

  64. Dr Greg says:

    Not really, ice only works within a few hours after the injury to prevent swelling. Warm compress helps with the swelling after a day.

  65. Dr Greg says:

    One aspirin per 30 pounds twice daily 3-4 days

  66. Dawn says:

    Sorry forgot would an ice pack be of any help?

  67. Dawn says:

    Alright thank you. Her leg a little swollen she is walking on it much better today, how offten or anymore should i give her any aspirin? Thank you a lot.

  68. Dr Greg says:

    You can use Neosporin twice daily or hydrogen peroxide. Keep checking for swelling, redness, and pain

  69. Dawn says:

    Thank you…My husband feels it is healing and does not seem to be worried about it or think it looks bad,there is no drainage nor is it warm or hot to the touch.She is moving around and going out to the bathroom, although she does lick it and I am trying to keep her from doing so as much as I can and I have used some triple antibiotic ointment on it and try not to let her lick it off but that is not always a winning battle,he was thinking a cone would help keep her from licking it. I did read that triple antibiotic ointment would be alright to use, was what I read right and is it safe to use it?…Thanks so much.

  70. Dr Greg says:

    Aspirin would be helpful for the swelling and pain. Bite wounds will get infected. Swelling and drainage will occur due to infection. Antibiotics are often needed to fight infection. It all depends how bad the bite and the wound is.

  71. Dawn says:

    My dog was bit by the dog next door when it thought she took it’s ball he put a hole in her , her leg is swollen is it safe to give her some asprin for the pain and will it help the swelling go down? An answer back would be so so so helpfull and I would be very thankfull as will my baby.

  72. Denise says:

    Dear Dr. Greg, Thank you for your response. I appreciate it very much. The growths are on top of her paw, not on the pads. The one looks to be a little between her one toe. They are really bothering her and I would like to make her more comfortable at the very least, but it would be great to get rid of them at the same time. Will the vaseline with a dressing help in getting rid of them, or just soften them? Someone told me caster oil and a dressing gets rid of warts on dogs…any truth to that? Thank you for your time:)

  73. Dr Greg says:

    Is the cauliflower stuff on the pads and involving the nails or between the toes? Vaseline and foot sanders help with the pads. The skin growths can be softened with Vaseline also or booties may help

  74. Denise says:

    Dr. Greg,

    Thanks so much for all the info. The aspirin is working well for my dog when she gets sore hips. Do you have any suggestions for ways to get rid of big cauliflower-appearing warts on my dogs paw? My vet offered to surgically remove them, but being that she is 12, I don’t want to put her through another surgery. Any suggestions appreciated.

  75. Dr Greg says:

    Make sure and start him on Glucosamine/Chondroitin/MSM products. You can use the human kind(One pill twice daily) It really helps with joint problems.
    Use aspirin on and off. Use aspirin once daily for 4-5 days then give him a couple days off. If he is overweight use the tips in the Dog Dish Diet to help him loose weight to decrease the wear and tear on his joints. Did you know dogs can eat a frozen chicken wing and it has glucosamine/chondroitin in it?

  76. kathy says:

    I have a 10 year old English bulldog who has a limp. He was ran over 6 years ago and I think arthritis has set in. He is in good spirits and health just stiff/sore how long can he be on a asprin redgament?
    Thank you
    Fat Willy’s mom

  77. Dr Greg says:

    He probably needs to lose weight. Is he chubby or obese?You should start with 2 tabs twice daily for 4-5 days. Give him a break for a couple days then repeat. Are you using glucosamine/chondroitin/MSM daily also. You can buy at pharmacy or drug store and give twice daily. Use 1-2 pills twice daily. I would only use 2 aspirin daily on a long term basis.

  78. Debbie says:

    Dr. Greg
    Thank you so much for your help. I have a 186 pound lab mix that’s almost 9 years old. He was limping when getting up. Old age i guess. I checked him out every where. Couldn’t find anything. I gave him 5 aspirins and he’s doing much better. I don’t know if i should keep giving him so much? I only gave it to him once. What do you think??

    Thank you!!!!!

  79. Dr Greg says:

    Growing pains in fast growing puppies and young adult dogs are common. When the growing slows down the pain will slowly disappear. My free download on this website has common over the counter remedies. It contains good info on common mild medical problems. One adult aspirin per thirty pounds may be helpful once to twice daily. Give it only when needed and experiment with daily or every other day dosing. A soft lump can be due to a bite or hives from fleas or allergic reaction. Try a benadryl and if it doesn’t help you should get it checked out. Benadryl dosage is 10mg for a small dog and 25 mg for a large dog twice daily for four days. If that doesn’t help it could be an abscess or even a reaction to a vaccine from the last vet visit.

  80. Sasha says:

    I have a 9 month old doberman, we were recently to the vet and had those u hurt his leg but the vet told us what it was (cant remeber the name) but he pretty much said it was growning pains. just recently he has started limping again, is it okay to give him asprin for the pain? also i have notcie a bump by his butt, it is right next to his tail, its about the size of a golf ball, a soft lump, doesnt seem to move or cause him pain. it seems to me that it has started to stick out father in the last few days but im not sure if its just because i have just noticed it or what! any advice on that???

  81. Dr Greg says:

    Aspirin should help with the pain. You can also put a light dressing on the leg with vet rap loosely applied. In one of my videos on I show you how to treat a cut by putting a wrap on it..same thing

  82. Maria says:

    Hi!! Thanks for the information. I have a nine year old min pin who hurt his front right paw while trying to jump out of his pin. That was a week ago. I thought at first it was just a sprain, but he still isn’t trying to put any weight on it. He wimpers if you move the upper joint to much. I feel that something is really wrong but I don’t have the funds to take him to the vet. I litterally called every vet in my phone book to find one that would except payments. I finally found one that’s willing to work with me but I have to wait till payday. He is my only “child” and I can’t stand to see him in pain. I hate that I can’t just rush him to the hospital to fix it. I’m hoping an asprin will help ease some of his pain. Thanks again for your information. I was scared to hurt him any more.

  83. Dr Greg says:

    I aspirin twice daily will help if the pain is coming from his hips or back. I have been recommending platinum performance to help dogs with fatigue or sore joints. There is a syndrome called exercise induced collapse in young Labs. The symptoms are similar to those you described. Check this article out

  84. Anita says:

    Dr. Greg,
    I have a 5 yr. old Lab (Luke) that loves to play fetch, we don’t often go for walks, but I do throw a ball about 4 times a week in the back yard for 15-20 min.
    Recently after we had finished a game of fetch I saw Luke fall to the ground get up & 2 steps, fall again. His disposition seemed fine when I went to him, but his muscles were trembling with fatigue. I have been watching him closely since & what I believe I’m seeing is, it looks like he stiff & possibly having pain in his hips. I’m just concerned because he seems too young to have arthritis.
    I would like to start giving him supplements as well as an aspirin a day for pain.
    Any words of wisdom would be appreciated!

  85. Dr Greg says:

    I want to empower dog owners to help treat minor illnesses. That way we can all be part of the health care team. Make sure there isn’t a sticker, sore, or blister between Gracey’s toes. Glad you had a great day…sounds beautiful!

  86. Julee says:

    Dr. Gregg,

    Thank you for trusting us with important information that most sites were not willing too. We took our pitbull “Gracey” for a hike today on Tahoe’s rim trail. We hiked a total of 6 miles at an elevation of 8,000+ feet. We all had a great time. Here we are some 4 hours later and our Gracey just came down stairs extremely stiff and sore!!! Tail wagging, but obviously very, very sore in her legs. I searched for over an hour to find the correct dosage of aspirin with no luck. All kept telling me I needed to call the vet to determine the cause of the issue. I knew the cause of her soreness and just wanted to give her some relief. Finally I stumbled upon your site and found what I was looking for! Thank you so very, very much. I just gave Grace 1, 325mlg. adult aspirin. She weighs 52 pounds. I know I could have given her a bit more but I felt just one would be sufficient. Thanks again for your expertise. I’m going to take the time to investigate you website at greater length tomorrow. For now, we’re all headed off to bed feeling a bit tired and sore ourselves. Thanks again!

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