Lipoma or Fatty Tumors in Dogs

Lipomas or fatty tumors are local groups of fat cells that just don’t follow the rules. These renegade cells grow slowly in pockets under the skin and between muscle layers that bulge out and form soft lumps. These lumps may be hard to distinguish from other more dangerous tumors, so a needle may be used to suck cells out of the lump to make sure that the lump are just a group of fat cells with a mind of their own, and not more dangerous tumors.

Fat is a valuable part of the body. It is a part of all cell membranes, keeps us and our pets warm, and cushions sensitive areas from jarring trauma. The fat layer between the skin and the muscle should form a fairly uniform insulating layer. The fat in the abdomen and around the kidneys is a source of energy and also protects sensitive internal organs.

However, too much fat can stress the back, joints, heart, and lungs and lead to arthritis and common medical problems such as diabetes. Too many treats and high calorie food can add unneeded weight and shorten the lives of our pets.Why do our pets grow fat tumors. There is no real data, but I suspect high calorie carbohydrate food, lack of exercise, genetics, and preserving chemicals may all play a part. What can you do? Try and feed a healthy diet, exercise your pets, and give them lots of love!!

Check out my video on Lipomas and Fatty Tumors in a Dog.

Remember to feed your dog healthful treats like carrots, fruit, pieces of chicken and fish, cheese, and hot dogs, instead of high carbohydrate, allergenic treats!!

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