The Way We Used to Feed Our Dogs

I received the following email from Bernese Mountain Dog owners that talks about how feeding practices have changed over the years. In Dog Dish Diet, I advise owners to feed a variety of healthful ingredients in addition to a good dog food. Some dogs thrive on good quality kibble, canned food, raw food, or homemade food. Each dog is different and some need better or different ingredients in the food. Some dogs really feel better on moister, hypoallergenic ingredients or higher amounts of proteins and oils in the daily diet. I personally cook for my dogs and occasionally feed them canned food(Halo Products or Duck and Potato). I also feed them healthy human food and raw chicken wings and thighs to help keep their teeth clean and provide good nutrients for the joints.

That’s what the Dog Dish Diet is about: Feeding a variety of healthful foods!

The second edition is now available on and as a kindle eBook!

Dear Dr. Greg,
My husband and I were showing at the Gavalin KC Dog show a while ago and bought your book. Over the 52 years we have been married and had dogs I have fed kibble, raw food, cooked, and a mixture of things etc. Thirty plus years ago we got our first Bernese Mountain Dog. I have struggled over all those years to find just the right thing to feed and supplement with. Ever hopeful, I started reading your book in the car on our way home to Carmel Valley and finished it that night. Wow! It took me straight back to the early 1950’s. My mother used to cook a stew of horse meat( yuck, I thought as I looked at my favorite steed and sighed at the fragrance of the barn, the hay, the horses and even the manure) and veggies from our garden plus anything else she could think of. Our dogs thrived! How had I come so far and forgotten those days?

Your wisdom has jerked me back and a large crock pot is on my ‘to buy’ list this week. I can hardy wait to get started on the Dog Dish Diet. We have four Bernese( from 3 to 11 yrs. old) so it won’t be a small undertaking.

Thanks for the book and all for all your shared information gathered over the years.


Chris House

Carmel Valley, CA