What Do You Do if a Dog Gets A Cut?

You are sitting in the warm sun or walking down a path, enjoying a few moments of relaxation when your dog comes in from the yard, field, or from a romp with fellow dogs dripping blood.

The first thing to notice is the attitude. Is he or she wagging their tail and looking around like nothing happened? Breathing hard and staggering? Is there lots of blood?  Screaming in pain? Holding a wobbly leg up that appears broken. Has a wound that looks very deep and ragged or a big skin flap that is easily moved and loose, Has a deep wound that the muscle, tendons, or something very indescribable can be seen. All those signs should  signal a trip to the veterinary ER. Dogs lash out when they are painful, so be real careful when you touch a wound or swollen area. In fact, it may be a good idea to use a gauze muzzle to avoid getting bit.

If the wound doesn’t look too bad and your dog seems OK, then you can take a closer look at it. A little warm water with baby shampoo or dawn detergent will really help you get a good look at the wound so you can figure out the next move. If the wound is small and you are not going to rush to the vet, you can trim the hair a bit. Then you can wash it a bit more. If it looks bad…away you go to the vet.

If it doesn’t look terrible You may decide to give your dog an aspirin(One adult 325 mg per 30 pounds twice daily) and put some antibiotics(neosporin) on it and wait till your vet opens up in the morning. You can try a bandage but most bandages come off or are eaten. Then you have a vomiting and bloody dog. If the wound is open a bit, but you can pinch the skin together easily, you can apply crazy glue on the edges. Don’t put the glue into  the wound, under the skin it can make things worse!

If your dog becomes obsessed with licking the wound, you may need a bandage or a collar to keep them away.Occasional licking helps clean it up and heal, but too much licking may irritate the wound.

Wiping the wound daily with warm soapy water or hydrogen peroxide, and then applying antibiotic ointment will keep the wound clean.

Check out my video. A Cut on a Dog



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