Order Dog Dish Diet Now!

*Order Dog Dish Diet Now!

Dr Greg’s Dog Dish Diet: Sensible Nutrition for Your Dog’s Health

I wrote Dog Dish Diet because I have had more success in the past 15 years advising dietary changes than I used to have when I just used medications on chronic skin, ear, stomach, bowel problems, and seizures. I have found that nutrition has the power to heal , while medicines only patch the problem for a time.  In my  entertaining, easy to read book, I will help you keep your dog out of the veterinary hospital. This is not hype, or a gimmick. My own pets taught me what I was doing wrong in my practice and I figured out how to keep them healthier and happier. I want to share my experiences with you.People are amazed how simple, economical changes to the diet can often help in as little as a week and save a ton of money in the process.Every dog owner should have the power to keep their pet healthy by electing to feed them as individuals.Not all dog food is good for every dog.


Canine Crock Pot Cuisine download

(Detailed how-to instructions for easily and economically crock pot cooking for your dog)

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I’m Dr. Greg Martinez. I’ve been a veterinarian in Gilroy, California, for over 30 years. My pets and my patients taught me some important lessons…something I didn’t learn in vet school. That the type of food dogs eat or the mix of ingredients cause many common medical problems.

The way dogs responded to changes in the diet made me want all dog owners to have the same information!! In many cases, it was better than medication!

I wrote Dog Dish Diet: Sensible Nutrition for Your Dog’s Health for dog  owners who have  dogs that seem to keep gaining weight no matter how much you cut back on their food. For dogs that have red itchy skin, ear infections, hotspots, or  other chronic medical problems that just keep coming back… even with treatment. Even  for people that want to cook or  share healthy “leftovers” and human food with their dogs!

My book is easy to read and understand and has practical changes you can make to the diet:Whether you want to chose a better food, or help your dog get over chronic medical problems. You can “feed your pet to avoid the vet”, save money, and help your dog live a happier, healthier life.

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When you stop the medication, do the problems return?

So many people wanted to learn to home cook my canine crock pot cuisine, I now include a free Canine Crock Pot Cuisine download with every purchase of the Dog Dish Diet!! It has step by step instructions how to easily cook your dog a healthy hypoallergenic meal. Keeping your dog on this healthy recipe for 60 days will help you see if commercial ingredients are making your dog sick!

Canine crock pot cooking is easy and can be cheaper than raw or most commercial dog food.

Check out the testimonial page. Many client’s dogs are living healthier lives from my advice!

If you bought Dog Dish Diet on-line and want the Canine Crock Pot Cuisine eBook or you just want to try cooking for your pet!

Dog Dish Diet has tips to treat and prevent allergies, obesity, and keep teeth clean. The special price of $14.95 for both the book and eBook may save you lots of money in the long run. “Feed Your Pet to Avoid the Vet”

10 Page PDF Canine Crock Pot Cuisine Download.

  • Directions and reasons to cook for your shaky , flaky, itchy, pukey, poopie, or seizuring dog.
  • Dog Dish Diet has many tips and fits nicely with my Crock Pot Cuisine.
  • Buy both for only 14.95 (a vet visit is over 100.00…I know that’s what I charge!)
  • I know you will find value in my 30 years of experience and it will save you money!


(You may have to check your spam folder for the link to the download)

Before feeding any animal any big change of ingredients,try a bit in in the normal diet for a few days  to see the effect.

NOTE: If your dog is prone to pancreatitis, you may need to carefully introduce them to this new diet (or any dietary changes). In my e-book, I explain EXACTLY how to introduce and test a new food on a dog with a sensitive system.

For that matter, if you’ve been feeding the same thing day after day for years, you need to be cautious with any new change. I explain all this in my e-book but I will tell you this: If the dog has a mild upset stomach, you can administer a 10 mg Pepcid for nausea…1/4 pill for small dog, 1/2 pill for medium and 1 pill for large dog. In fact, if you download my FREE e-book on Practical Home Remedies (see right column) I explain this in detail.

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